Installation of New Shower in Easley, SC

Installation of New Shower in Easley, SC

Bath Depot recently installed a new shower in Easley, SC at 1301 Circle Road. Lisa Pack owns a few rental homes and wanted to furnish one of them with a new shower from Bath Depot. We removed her existing walk-in shower along with some debris left over from the previous homeowner. Bella stone fitted the new shower with Silver Stone Subway tile walls and a 36 x 60 right hand shower pan from our local supplier. The shower had a corner shelf optioned on and was matched with the shower. The delta shower trim head and faucet were selected with the chrome finish. Mrs. Pack was very impressed and showed interest in enlisting our services again with other rental homes. She especially liked how easy the quote process was, Eric (Owner of Window depot and Bella STONE Upstate) spoke with Lisa on the phone, sent over a few pictures and the contract was drawn up the next day.

Highlights of new shower in Easley, SC

• Low maintenance shower with very durable acrylic
• Classic tile-like design
• Kohler brand sliding glass door

“These showers look great and are very durable, it is the perfect fit for my rental.”
-Lisa Pack (Easley, South Carolina)

Photos of new shower in Easley, SC

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